Stichting STEAMup is a Dutch Non Profit organisation that sprouted from the organizing committee and the volunteer community of the Dutch FIRST Tech Challenge competition.

STEAMup’s vision:

  • Getting kids and youngsters enthusiastic about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) by organising learning activities and events that not only have a great technical content, but are also appealing and attractive to the target group.
  • Improving knowledge and capabilities that are essential for a future technical professional (like a critical and exploratory attitude, ¬†creative and constructive thinking skills, focus to the community and the world around yourself, the importance of significant meaningful solutions and skills to be an effective and pleasant team-player. Helping to improve society’s image of Science and Technology.
  • Showing the cross references between Science and Technology and other domains and that STEAM activities are an essential and indispensable element.
  • Facilitating and supporting initiatives, both locally, nationally and internationally, that support the vision above.

STEAMup accomplishes this by:

  • Organising learning activities, workshops, events and demonstrations that are attractive to kids and young people and that show STEAM in a positive way.¬†
  • Supporting and training people that help accomplishing the vision above.
  • Supporting initiatives that contribute to the vision above, with the expertise and materials available in the STEAMup foundation.

The foundation board (stichtingsbestuur) is formed by:

  • Ron Visser
  • Nicolle van den Hoek
  • Irene Hulsen
  • Bas Koomen
  • Lennart de Graaf

Contact us at: info [@]