FLL off-season

FLL is always fun the only downside is that the season is over before you know it! That’s why the Dutch STEAMup foundation organizes the FLL off-season (NL) . The FLL off-season is not a qualifying event, but is aiming at facilitating FLL teams that want to relive the excitement of an FLL event and meet new and old friends in an informal setting.

So … what does a FLL team do at the off-season?
The FLL off-season is playing FLL ‘with a twist’. Although we’re going to play matches on the regular playing field, we’re making things more complicated but at the same time more fun! Each match we will link your team to another team with whom you form an alliance. Your alliance can play a typical 3.00 minutes FLL game, but is allowed to bring 2 robots and let them play on the field simultaneously. This introduces the need for teams to determine a strategy together on how both robots can gather as much points as possible (without crashing into each other). In the previous season, this resulted in really hilarious FLL gameplay and a lot of fun for and interaction between the teams.
Besides the robot games, teams also are asked to present a Core values poster. It focusses on teamwork, creativity, good sportsmanship, but most of all having fun and meeting new FLL friends.

FLL off-season 2018

The FLL off-season 2018 takes place on Sunday June 3th at the Lorenz Casimir Lyceum in Eindhoven,  09.00am – 5.30pm.
If you want to join in this event, please register as soon as possible. A maximum of 24 teams can participate.
Click here to register.

For more information or questions contact us via offseason[@]steamup.eu.

FLL off-season  2017

The FLL off-season 2017 took place during the Dutch Technology week (DTW) in het klokgebouw (clock building) in Eindhoven. During our off-season, also the exciting ‘night of the nerds’ takes place, a high tech expo with lots of activities, installations and tech talks aimed at kids and young people. And it is getting more international every year. Besides our Belgium friends also a Spanish team competed at the off-season.

See also pictures of FLL off-season 2016 and the FLL off-season 2017

FLL offseason2017